January 18, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

BAM! The Naked Campaign

The Naked Campaign, one of the most amazing collaborative experiences of my life, evolved out of a 2004 project with Gail Levin (7 time Emmy winning director) and myself . . . and the belief and dedication of David Remnick, Pam McCarthy, Chris Curry, Blake Eskind at The New Yorker. It spanned the 2008 Campaign and ran to 28 short films. They would not have been possible without the extremely gifted Asterisk Studio (Richard O’Connor & Brian O’Connell) and Ben Shapiro, cinematographer). My deepest thanks to them all.

DVD’s and Book

Here are the two items I’m linking to right now: DVD’s of BAM!: The Naked Campaign from the New Yorker Cartoon Bank and Freedom Fries, from Fantagrahics Books.  I’d be happy to autograph and deface any and all sales on a reasonably fast turnaround.  Send me a note through the “contact” page and I’ll set it up.

The Naked Campaign Gang

Gail Levin on IMDb

Gail Levin on her film: James Dean

Gail Levin on her film: Marilyn Monroe

Richard O’Connor on IMDb

Brian O’Connell on IMDb

Ben Shapiro on IMDb

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I’ve split the work into different categories. They are branches of the same tree. I felt cartoons (self-generated ideas that stand alone in a mag) and journalism (a complete story that includes writing and art) deserved their own space.

I will be adding new pieces as I do them. So please check back often.


Here are a few pieces, new and old. The sizing changes with the comnputer so I’ve zoomed in on some of them. The numbers below indicate the continued portfolio on separate pages.